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Monday, December 16, 2013

Penatnya Kalau Menang...Alhamdulillah Dengan Rezeki Yang Allah Kurniakan.

Salam semua,

Dah abis seminggu,baru la terhegeh2 nak update blog..

Nak share cerita hari ni...
Perkara yang menggembirakan apabila,bukak emel dpt emel kemenangan.Bestkan kalau hari2 dpt emel mcm tu..

1.) Dear Mohd Roshaidi Hamad,

Received your contact details and proof of purchase with thanks, will be sending over the prize to you very soon. Once again, thanks for taking part in our Perfect 10 contest and hope you enjoy the Spa treatment with your loved one!

Your friends,
Vaseline Malaysia

2.) Once again, thank you for participating in the Superdry Malaysia Facebook campaign and for getting us to 25,000+ fans! We wish to congratulate you as one of the lucky winners to receive a RM100 gift voucher (valid until 31 Dec) for Superdry’s Autumn Winter 2013 collection. 

We wish to invite you to Superdry’s first flagship store in Pavilion KL (level 3, lot 4.03) to redeem your gift voucher from 7 - 31 December.

Until then, take care and continue to support Superdry Malaysia! 

P/S : Bila masa ntah aku join pon aku tak tau...Alhamdulillah...Dgn RM100 nih bole beli apa je la ya...?

3.)  Dear Winner,

Congratulations! You have been shortlisted as one of the winners of NIVEA 50thAnniversary contest!

As stated in our contest criteria that you are required to purchase any NIVEA Body Care Product between 14 October – 13 December 2013.

Please reply this email by 31st Jan 2014 and provide us a scanned copy of the receipt as proof of purchase. Please note that your scanned copy should clearly reveal the purchase date and purchased item, you will be disqualified if fail to do so.  

We will inform you the prize details after we receive your email.

Thank you.

NIVEA Malaysia

P/S : Baru shortlisted...Blom menang lagi...Ko tak yah nak poyo sgt Che Dee weh...

Tu satu la...yg bnyk2 menang pon kdng2 guna proxy je..Harap2 takde la yg busuk hati komplen bukan2 sbb guna nama proxy...Hahahahaha....Rezeki kan Allah yg tentukan...Tak baik la korang nak "bomb" periuk nasi org lain...Tak gitu...?Eh...masuk contest nih kira periuk nasi ke...?Hahahahaha...


  1. Replies
    1. nah ila...alaaaa...ila punya aura lg hebat...

  2. Tahniah Mohd Roshaidi :-) Ishhh tak biasa panggil nama ni....hehe

    1. terima kasih kak ezna..hahahahaha...panggil je la pakdee... :)